Pre-op vedolizumab does not increase risk of post-op complications in IBD

Jun 26, 2018 - E-Mentoring in IBD | Volume 11 • 2018

Issue 11

Clinical Question

For patients living with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), does pre-operative therapy with vedolizumab (VDZ) increase the risk for 30-day post-operative complications?

Editor’s Bottom Line

Pre-operative exposure to vedolizumab appears to be safe.


Yamada A, Komaki Y, Patel N, et al. Risk of postoperative complications among inflammatory bowel disease patients treated preoperatively with vedlolizumab. Am J Gastroenterol. 2017 Sep:112(9):1423–29.


All patients receiving IBD-related medications within 4 weeks of bowel surgery between June 2014 and April 2016 were included in the study. Patients were categorized according to IBD type (UC vs. CD), medication use (VDZ, anti-TNFs, non-biologics), surgery type (major: resection; minor: exams under anaesthesia, hernia, ostomy creation, and ileostomy), and urgency (planned or emergent). All patients were followed for 30 days post-operatively with complications categorized as either infectious or non-infectious.

Of the 443 patients included in analysis (UC, 186; CD, 257), 64 individuals (UC, 24; CD, 40) had VDZ pre-operatively. There were 15 (24.3%) cases of post-operative complications. The post-operative complication rates for patients receiving anti-TNFs or non-biologics were 40 (31.0%) and 89 (35.6%), respectively and were not significantly different when compared to VDZ (P=0.16). Of note, the infectious post-operative complication rate was significantly (P=0.03) lower with VDZ (3.1%) compared to anti-TNFs (14.7%) or non-biologics (13.6%). Multivariate analyses identified two factors that increased the odds ratio for 30-day post-operative complications: age >65 years (OR, 3.56) and low albumin levels (OR 2.26).


Study Design: Retrospective cohort study
Funding: None
Allocation: n/a
Setting: Single tertiary care centre, Chicago, IL
Level of Evidence: 2b (Oxford Levels of Evidence)

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